"... fierce devotion to her patient’s wellbeing"

"For the past 30 years that I have been a nurse, I have had the privilege of working with many exceptional women. But some truly do stand out. Kaitlyn Reece was a newer nurse when I met her, yet her skills surpassed even some who had held the RN license for longer. This was a reflection of the experience and compassion she brought with her to the job. Even before learning of her past experience as a doula, I would have attested she’d make a great one. From the way she cared for and showed empathy to her patients to the way she coached these women and families through the beautiful but difficult experience of labor. Amidst the busy hospital setting that seems to actively drive nurses to rush, Kaitlyn showed boundless patience, seamlessly blending quality and efficiency. She balanced that care and compassion with a fierce devotion to her patient’s wellbeing. I witnessed her advocate for her patients even when it went against the popular assertions and brought her no thanks. And as a person having experience as both a patient and a nurse, I can say that that is when an advocate is most important. I have worked with many doulas over the years, but I’ve only had the privilege of one who’s worked so hard and displayed such dedication to her patients and her work."  -Ginny S. (Crouse L&D Nurse)

"Respectful, knowledgeable, and kind"

"Kaitlyn was my back up doula and I loved her so much at that delivery I hired her for my next.  I appreciated how great she was at communicating with me all of the weird, random, alarming questions I would have leading up to labor.  I felt extremely comfortable reaching out to her and confident with her prenatal services.  She was very helpful and quick to respond.  Sometimes with doulas, it seems like it is just a job to them and you are an inconvenience at times, but with Kaitlyn, I felt like she was wholeheartedly and joyfully serving me and my family. She worked tirelessly through my labors by physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally supporting me in the exact ways I needed to be supported.  It’s like she had this sixth sense of what I needed.  When I needed distraction she felt that, when I needed to be covered with prayer she answered the call, when I needed physical force on my lower back she swept in knowing exactly what to do.  I would never do labor without a doula if the doula is like Kaitlyn!  She’s respectful, knowledgeable, and kind.   I cannot imagine anyone receiving anything but top notch care from her!  I can’t thank her enough for helping me bring my babies into this world."  -Angela W.

"She walks the walk"
"As a professional birth photographer with Birth Unscripted, I see doulas in action all the time. I don't just hear them talk the talk, I actually SEE them walk the walk. I see how they support these Mamas and families during this amazing, beautiful and intimate experience. I can honestly say that Kaitlyn goes above and beyond for her clients. She walks the walk. She offers emotional support, physical support and truly is on your side no matter what your birth plan. She helps you make informed decisions so you are in control of your birth. When things don't go as planned, she is still right there helping every step of the way. If you are pregnant, you definitely need a doula and I can't recommend Kaitlyn enough."  -Amanda G.

"Kaitlyn and I celebrated my “redemption birth”"

"When I made the decision to plan for a natural birth experience, I was firm in my choice, but terrified. Not long after making my decision, I met someone in my office who mentioned her recent birth experience and the awesome doula who helped her through an intense labor. I was intrigued, so I asked for her doula’s information and started researching what services I should expect and look for in a doula. My husband arranged for an in-person interview and we ended up sitting at a Starbucks chatting with Kaitlyn for three hours. We requested her services and paid her our deposit on the spot. We met that day as interviewer and interviewee. We left that day as doula and client (and fast friends).

Her support through the remainder of my pregnancy was reassuring and accessible. When my labor began I don’t know that any of us expected a 27 hour adventure, but we got one. She met us as we labored at home and was intuitively aware of when I needed to go to the hospital. After a tumultuous labor and 7 collective hours of my pushing/her coaching, my healthy baby boy arrived. While I ultimately had to have an epidural, I was able to avoid a cesarean delivery. It was a miracle vaginal delivery and I know the outcome would have been very different had I not had Kaitlyn by my side.

There was no question (it was more of an expectation) that Kaitlyn would be my doula for my second birth. Thankfully, I had a much shorter and ideal 6 hour labor with my second. I had the water birth that I couldn’t have the first time around, and together Kaitlyn and I celebrated my “redemption birth”.

Through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, Kaitlyn guided, supported, and even challenged me. Because of Kaitlyn I feel like, while my first birth may not have gone as planned, the outcome was ideal.  My babies were born into a room filled with people who were genuinely invested in the entire birth process and who loved me and my baby, and that included my awesome doula.

Kaitlyn’s technical and medical experience, her dedication to her clients, and her compassionate heart sets her apart from the rest."  - Amber W.

"I would recommend her wholeheartedly!"

"Kaitlyn was a real blessing during the birth of my second child. I had recently moved to the area and I did not know any birth professionals. I had a doula with my first child and it was a great experience. I knew that I wanted a doula with my second child. We had an immediate connection even after a brief phone call. Kaitlyn was able to really help motivate me during the hardest part of my labor. She was so supportive and able to navigate with the staff to make my natural labor run smoothly. Kaitlyn was invaluable even after my little one got here. She was able to use her network of resources to help me find breastfeeding help. Kaitlyn was so wonderful with my son’s birth I would recommend her wholeheartedly! "  - Melissa T.

"She knew just what to do"

"Kaitlyn was absolutely what I needed for my first VBAC. She knew just what to do to get my contractions to pick up, how to comfort me and knew exactly what to say when I felt like I couldn’t keep pushing. Not only did I have an amazing doula, I made a lifelong friend!"  -Katelyn J.

"... calm but confident"

"Kaitlyn is a sweet and thoughtful doula. She has a calm but confident way about her and is well educated. Kaitlyn continues to contact me and ask about my babies even after 4 years. I wish I had her here in Texas to be there for my third child."  -Denise C.

"Kaitlyn is truly a diamond in the rough."

"Kaitlyn is the most supportive, and knowledgeable doula. Whether she is providing prenatal support, labor support, or support through a loss Kaitlyn has the utmost care and empathy for her clients. She genuinely cares about her clients and listens to their questions and concerns, and addresses each accordingly. Kaitlyn was a wonderful support during my pregnancy with my son despite the fact that I lived nearly 300 miles away.  She always made herself available to answer my questions and ease my fears. Kaitlyn was also provided me with emotional support during my 3 pregnancy losses.  After my first loss, my OBGYN at the time and her office staff were anything but caring.  Kaitlyn assisted me with finding a new provider, a midwife (as this is the care I was ultimately seeking for future pregnancies).  She even went above and beyond by accompanying me to my first appointment with my new midwife because she knew it would be a difficult appointment and I would need support.  Kaitlyn is truly a diamond in the rough."  -Hailey H.

"Her confidence gave me confidence"

"Kaitlyn was my doula for the birth of my first son. It was a long labor, she was with me for more than 12 hours! She was so patient and calming. She is also very knowledgeable, backed by both her study and personal birth experiences.  Her confidence gave me confidence for labor. I'm so thankful Kaitlyn was a part of my birth story!"  -Nadia R.

"... backed me 100% on the choices I made"

"Becoming a parent is exciting and scary all at the same time. My husband and I had been told by a friend that they used a doula during their pregnancy. "A what?" I had never heard of a doula before but now I know that they are angels sent by God to help you through pregnancy, delivery and after your little bundle of joy arrives! 

I first met Kaitlyn at the beginning of my second trimester. She was so friendly, professional and caring and made me feel immediately comfortable with her. I had no doubt that she was the doula for us! She helped me come up with a birth plan and didn't pressure me toward any specific way of doing things. She helped me to understand the options that I had and backed me 100% on the choices I made. 

My pregnancy was really smooth and I had the perfect birth plan in place. The day my water broke, my blood pressure was pretty high and my birth plans had to change a little. It honestly wasn't a big deal though because Kaitlyn's knowledge, encouragement and quick thinking on her feet helped me and my husband format a revised birth plan. She was dedicated to helping us understand our options the day of and was there by my side through every contraction and the delivery. She prayed over me, she rubbed my back and she brought a sense of peace and calmness to the room. She's is serious when she needs to be serious and funny when the room needs to be brightened! 

She came to visit a couple times to make sure we were settling in ok with a newborn and helped me with some nursing issues during those first few weeks. She went from being our doula to being our friend and I am forever grateful for that! I strongly recommend that you give Kaitlyn a call and use her as your doula!"  -Jen S.